Welcome to Atomic Bail Bonds LLC in Middletown, Connecticut.
Atomic Bail Bonds LLC is an agency you can trust, providing free bail information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
We can consult with you to provide a payment plan that works.
Most people often have little knowledge or experience with the proper way to deal with an arrest, and the uncertainty can be overwhelming.
To learn more about our services, the laws regarding release from jail before your court date, and more,
Please browse our site, or give us a call at
(860) 982.4661 or at (860) 839.1175.
We can help.
Why Do Clients use Our Service?
Clients use our professional licensed service because we have experience and are able to give FREE consultation for many different situations.
Each arrest and charges are different and this means the bail agency must be well versed with the State laws, the arrest process and what it will
take to have the person released from jail.
Our Guarantee Of Service.
We are professionals and treat each of our clients with respect and are personally available.
We can also contact you at any place that is convenient for you.We travel statewide.

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