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We stand to protect the standard that

All individuals are innocent until proven guilty.

Who We Are At Atomic Bail Bonds

Atomic Bail Bonds is a 24/7 bail bonds business serving all cities, towns, and counties throughout the state of Connecticut. We as a reliable service provide outstanding qualities of service statewide no matter where if your loved one or the person you care about is located in. No mater if the defendant is in Stamford to as far as Windsor, we can be there the fastest and most efficiently to assist you. We offer many services that other businesses in CT do not such as a 3% down payment which is the lowest amount you can find anywhere in the state. Atomic Bail Bonds serves all towns, cities, counties throughout the state. We provide outstanding quality of service statewide 24/7 365. If someone that you know of that is dealing with a financial and judicial dilemma please contact our team and we will try our absolute best to accompany you and your loved ones. All information that you need is described on this website.


Our Business in Depth and Described

We as a bail bonds business handle all types of cases that include Driving Under Intoxication (DUI), domestics, criminal, narcotics and so many more. We provide services to any bail amounts no matter if it might be the highest in the state, we are there to help. We will work for you and your loved ones to the best of our capabilities. We provide great quality service with professional and well experienced bondsman that are reliable and fast.


More About Our Business

Here at Atomic Bail Bonds we offer the lowest prices down on payments which is 3%, the absolute lowest you will ever find in the state of Connecticut. We accept cash and credit/debit cards that belongs to any providers. We also encourage our clients to take part in payment plans if you don not have all the expenses all at one time. Our location is 90 Court Street, Suite 202 in Middletown, Connecticut.


About Our Staff and Background of Employees

Michael Malley is a Bail bondsman for over ten years with reliable and fast service. He is well known throughout the state of Connecticut as he has done great work with businesses over time. He is recognized not only in Middletown, but he is also known in New Britain Courts where he served as the Chief Probation Officer for 15 years of loyal service. This being said he is not a stranger to the criminal field where he has completed over hundreds if not thousands of bonds of all types. He is known to be one of the few bail bonds man in the state that has experience and skills to what he knowns best. His primary goal is make everyone’s lives easy with appropriate and outstanding service.

Questions About Our Service

If you or a loved one is looking or in search for a professional bail bondsman look no further than Atomic Bail Bonds at you best and earliest convenience. Do not hesitate to call us as we are always working on the clock morning, day, and nights to accommodate everyone’s needs here in the state of Connecticut. Explain your predicament to one of our agents and they will be dispatched to your person’s court, police department, or jail. We again are here for appropriate business as we care and want to be there for your and your loved ones.


The Bail Bonds Process

  1. The Bail Bond amount is set by the judge in the town or city he or she was arrested after the hearing of arraignment in court.
  2. Call or contact local Bail bond agent or service.
  3. Discuss the business with the agent and they will be in touch. The bail bonds agent with work with you on a plan to get a loved on out of jail as soon as that day. You can discuss where the person is located and how much the bond amount is set at.
  4. Paperwork and information must be discussed and received from both parties. You must have co-signers to provide information in relation to the defendant to make the process complete. Other paperwork includes documents which will all be provided by the bondsman.
  5. The defendant is released from authorities from the imprisonment.
  6. Follow up with your bail bonds agent as they need to be notified as to when the next court date is and when and if you will meet for a certain period of time for payments.
  7. Your court date arrives where the defendant needs to be present each time.
  8. The case is disposed of.


Training of Our Agents

Our agents are highly and trained with determination to work day in and day out for your service. A bail bonds agent is provided with a textbook and more than 25 hours of class time. This class time provided interaction with an instructor who will reward those who pass the class with a certificate of recognition. He or she will then will schedule a date to where and when the oblige will take a one hour text with more than 50 in depth questions.


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