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Drug Possessions

There is a difference in whether the defendant is charges with possession of drugs or to have to intent to sell in Connecticut. In order to be charged you have to be caught or suspected with possession of any quality or quantity of drugs. oxycontin, vicodin or adderall, recreational drugs like cocaine, crack, heroin, methadone and Molly, or hallucinogens like mushrooms, acid, and LSD. Marijuana is excluded from this crime.

A first offense for a Possession of Narcotics/drugs charge is considered a felony and is punishable up to 5 years in jail, 10 years for a second offense, probation, plus fines ranging between the amounts of $2000 and $5000. If you are caught simply possessing and not selling drugs within 1500 feet of a public property, then additional mandatory time is tacked on which cannot be suspended or reduced by a prosecutor or judge. While the penalties are in fact tough, there are many defenses available to a person accused of drug and narcotics possession in Connecticut. 

 For people coping with drug addiction, Connecticut lawmakers created penalties for people who are caught selling drugs. This is called Possession with Intent to Sell. You can actually be charged with PWITS in Connecticut even if you are not actually caught in the act of selling drugs but are found with large amounts of drugs in your possession or control. Connecticut law assumes and concludes just from the amount in your possession that you are a drug dealer. Additionally, if you have bags, packaging materials or containers that suggest you are distributing such as plastic baggies with any form of striking logos on them, then the police can charge you with PWITS. This forbids anyone from making a business, distributing, selling, prescribing, and transporting drugs, controlled substances, and hallucinogens. Again, this crime does not include marijuana.

The penalties for felony possession of drugs and hallucinogens with determination to sell in Connecticut are severe with up to 15 years in jail and $50,000 fine for a first offense; 30 years in jail and $100,000 for a second conviction, and additional 30- year terms and $250,000 fines for additional convictions. The penalties felony possession of intent to sell any other drugs are somewhat less strict, serving for up to 7 years in jail and $25,000 for a first offense, and a max 15 years prison and $100,000 fine for subsequent convictions.

As drugs or possession of drugs not only is enough of a burden to deal with if you are a family member or a user, it is even worse to get in trouble by law enforcement which is a very serious case as you may already know.  People die every day from the use of drugs such a overdose and is a serious issue here in the state of Connecticut.

If you or a loved one that you know of that is using drugs or possess the intent to sell please get ask for assistance to not only us, but to programs who will be able to help you cope with this difficult process. We as bondsman’s do not ever judge our clients and take this position very seriously. Call today if you have a case that deals with drugs or other narcotics that have been arrested.




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