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This crime is known as an account of rape which is when the victim of the crime is forced into having sexual relations or the encounter with the defendant without consent. You may ask yourself the question, “How does the criminal investigation of a sex crime process dealt with here in Connecticut”?

During the crime and criminal investigation of a sexual crime, the defendant and the victim(s) are taken into custody and are examined in search of signs indicating that an act of forced sexual crime has been occurred. Authorities usually and most definitely will look for clues as to signals or signs of rape which include ripped or shredded clothing, scratches, bleeding, or any marks left on the defendant of the victim. If this is concluded by authorities then it usually means that there was an active crime of rape.

The police officer will usually collect the evidence that he or she may find which are previously written above. Places where there may be evidence is around the arms, hands, neck, face, and legs. The officer will never attempt to remove the clothing off the victim or defendant because it is known to be the act of accused of indecent assault.

The act of being charged with a sex crime in the state of Connecticut is very serious and with not be tolerated. You can be handed serious penalties such as jail time. You are usually known to have a better chance of getting out of jail while awaiting your trial so that you have a better chance of building your case with an attorney of your choosing.

If you are arrested you will have a bail amount set on your behalf given all the evidence of the crime. This is where we step in to serve you here at Atomic Bail Bonds. We understand that this category of the crime of Sex is serious and should never be judged. We take each case very seriously and are pleased and willing to serve you and your loved ones. We have dealt with many cases in regards to sexual crimes and we will be there the fastest to help with assistance.

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