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Atomic Bail Bonds, LLC.

Atomic Bail Bonds is a 24/7 bail bonds agency serving all cities, towns, and counties throughout the state of Connecticut.


Well experienced bondsman

Michael Malley has been a bail bondsman in Middletown Connecticut for over ten years and is well known in the bail bond field throughout the state of Connecticut. He has done great work with clients of all types over the years. No matter what the size of Connecticut bail bond, big or small, Atomic Bail Bonds stands ready to serve you. Together we can help you get your friend or loved one out of jail on Connecticut as quickly as possible. Call now for immediate bail bond service 24/7.

Atomic Bail Bonds, LLC. Services

Unlike some of our competitors we believe that every bond is important regardless of size. We will respond to any bond and start at 10% down payment which is the lowest amount in the state.

Assault Bail Bonds

When your friend or loved one has been arrested for assault, that can be alarming. Assault can include but not limited to bodily injury, physical contact/touch, assault on a child/juvenile or sexual violence.

Attempted Murder Bail Bond

Atomic Bail Bonds agents know that anything can happen at any time of day. Our agents know that accidents can happen. Our agents also understand that there are many different types of people in this world and not all of them think alike.

Cyber Crimes Bail Bond

Atomic Bail Bonds can cover many different types of bonds with various amounts. Since we are in the modern age of technology, people can get creative with being online now. Computer criminals can now cause a lot of havoc on people’s lives.

The Bail Bonds Process

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Amount Assigned

The Bail Bond amount is set by the judge in the town or city you were arrested in at the hearing of arraignment in court.


Discuss the bond with the agent. The bail bond agent with work with you on a plan to get your loved one out of jail as soon as that day. You can discuss where the person is housed and how much the bond amount is currently set to.

Information Exchange

Paperwork is exchanged and signed. A co-signer may be necessary. Once finished a bail bond can be issued and your loved one will be released from jail.

Go Home

The defendant is released from the authority’s imprisonment.

Subject Released

Your loved one is released form jail and you may pick them up.

Follow Up

Follow up with your bail bond agent about court dates and payments.

Court Date

Your court date arrives where the defendant needs to be present for each court date.


The case is disposed of.


We are with you Every step of the way

Has your friend or loved one been arrested? If so time is of the essence. You will want to get them out as fast as possible for their own safety. Call us immediately so that we can start the process. Bail bond agents are standing by to help. Call now!

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What Clients Say About Us

Dave Morales

I used Atomic Bail Bonds to bail my friend out of jail in Middleton, Connecticut. Mike made the process fast and easy. Really nice people.

Jay Lowe

Atomic Bail Bonds is the best bail bond agency in Hartford, Connecticut. Very professional, highly recommended them.

Wade Gregory

My uncle was arrested in Middletown, Connecticut and Atomic Bail Bonds had him out on the very same day. Thanks!

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