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We offer a reliable bail bond service and provide outstanding customer service statewide. Call now for immediate help our agency staff is standing by.

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We as a professional bail bond agency handle all types of cases that include DUI, domestics, criminal, narcotics, and many more.

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Our bail bond agents are nice and have years of experience. They know what you are going through and will make sure the bail bond process is as easy on you as possible.

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We offer the lowest down payment in the state of Connecticut for bail bonds starting at just 10%. Call now and we can get your friend or loved one out of jail today.
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Michael Malley has been a bail bondsman for over ten years and is well known throughout the state of Connecticut. He has done great work with clients of all types over the years. No matter what the size of the bond, big or small, Atomic Bail Bonds stands ready to serve you. Together we can help you get your friend or loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. Call now for immediate service 24/7.


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Frequently asked

Here are our most frequently asked questions. Feel free to browse them or ask us any additional questions with a quick phone call.
  • When do I get my money back?
    If you posted the full bail amount with the court yourself, this money will be released to you at the conclusion of the court process, provided the defendant appeared at all required court dates. If you elected to use a bail agency to post your bond, the agency is initially responsible to the court for the bond amount. The defendant and indemnitors are responsible to the bail agency for the premium and any fees or additional expenses incurred by the agency on their behalf. These monies are earned at the time the defendant is released from custody and therefore not subject to return. This is the case even if the defendant is found innocent, the case is dismissed or the defendant is placed back into custody for another offense.
  • What do I need to bond someone out of jail?
    You will need the fee, a cosigner, and possibly some form of collateral.
  • What is Bail?
    Bail is that part of our legal system that allows an accused person to be temporarily released from custody so they can continue their lives while they prepare for their day in court. In criminal cases, it is a sum of money, real property or surety bond that needs to be posted by or on behalf of a defendant to guarantee their appearance in court. The right to reasonable Bail is guaranteed to you in the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

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