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Assault Bail Bonds

When your friend or loved one has been arrested for assault, that can be alarming. Assault can include but not limited to bodily injury, physical contact/touch, assault on a child/juvenile or sexual violence. Some assault charges come with stipulations towards the defendant which are in place to protect the victim from further harassment. An order of protection is granted to the victim to also protect them from the defendant making physical contact with them. This means that the defendant can’t have any type of contact with the victim whatsoever. Types of contact includes in person, over the phone, via email, texting or third-party individual assistance. The defendant can’t have someone else contact the victim for them. That is considered a violation of the order of protection and will lead to that person and the defendant getting arrested. The defendant must follow all the rules granted in the order of protection. Any violation will result in them being arrested again with new charges and the bond will be revoked.

Assault charges have different degrees to them. Third degree assault charges are classified as Class A Misdemeanors. Second degree assault charges are classified as Class C or D Felony and depend on the subsection. First degree assault charges are classified as a Class B Felony and considered the most serious classification. No matter the degree, Atomic Bail Bonds can help you.

Third degree assault charges usually carry a prison term up to one year and roughly $2,000 in fees and fines. If a weapon is used, such as a firearm, that guarantees a one-year minimum sentence. Third degree assault charges can include intentional injury to another person, reckless injury to another person or negligent injury to another person.

Second degree assault charges can carry a prison sentence of one to five years and fees and fines can total up to $5,000. Second degree charges can include serious injury to another person, intent to cause serious injury with a weapon that is not a gun, reckless serious injury with a deadly weapon or drugging a person without their consent. If a gun is used during committing these offenses, a one-year sentence in prison is mandatory.

First degree assault charges can carry a prison sentence of up to twenty years and the fees and fines could total up to $15,000. First degree charges can include serious injury caused by a deadly weapon, intent to disfigure, destroy or amputate someone seriously or permanently, reckless behavior that could lead to death but results in serious injury, two or more people intending to cause serious injury or causing physical injury with a firearm. Unfortunately, this degree of offense carries a mandatory prison sentence of five years.

Assault charges are considered simple when someone intentionally applies, attempts or threatens a type of force, act or gesture to another person without their consent. Simple assault charges are generally classified as misdemeanors. Simple sexual assault is classified when a person forces another person to take part in any type of sexual activities without their consent.

Assault charges are considered aggravated when it involves intent to cause physical injury, actual physical injury and the presence or use of a deadly weapon. Sexual assault with a weapon is when any type of weapon is used to threaten or injure the victim. Aggravated sexual assault is when a victim is seriously injured, beaten brutally or in danger or dying as a result of the sexual assault. If the victim doesn’t give consent then it is sexual assault. This also means that intent does not have to be proven. This includes the fact that statutory rape is always a sexual assault charge. Laws state that sexual conduct that involves a minor below a specific age is not legally capable to consent to sexual intercourse of any kind.

Statutory rape is committed when a person engages in a type of sexual activity with a juvenile that is more than three years younger in age being at least 13 years of age but younger than 16 years of age or if the victim is under 13 years of age and the defendant is two or more years older. Another form of statutory rape is when an older individual is in a position of power over the victim. This can be a teacher, guardian, sports coach, doctor, employer or a probation officer.

The amount of the bail bond for any assault charge can be different depending on numerous things. To determine the bail bond amount, the following things are taken into consideration:

  1. 1. Past criminal record.
  2. 2. Whether or not you are employed.
  3. 3. Are you a Connecticut resident.
  4. 4. Do you have ties to the area.
  5. 5. Do you have any failure to appear charges.
  6. 6. Was the assault on a pregnant woman, disabled individual, law enforcement agent or a correctional officer.

The arresting agency or the judge you see at your court appearance will take all these things into consideration when setting your bail amount. Once you know your bail amount, you or your loved one should contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661 and get the process started. Our agents are standing by, ready to help you get your friend or loved one back home to you. We know this process can be stressful and you may be confused on what may have gotten you to this point. We understand entirely. Our agents are professionally trained to make the bail bond process as stress free as possible for you. We will get the process started as soon as you call us. We know the importance of getting your friend or loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. No one wants to sit in jail. Contact us, Atomic Bail Bonds, as soon as possible so we can assist you today. No matter what level the assault charge is and no matter what the amount, Atomic Bail Bonds can help you.

Call us now at (860) 982-4661 and we will get your friend or loved one home.

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