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Atomic Bail Bonds Manchester, CT

Why Choose Atomic Bail Bonds In Connecticut?

People choose Atomic Bail Bonds because they want the absolute fastest and most discrete bail bond service in Hartford County, Connecticut.

At Atomic Bail Bonds we take pride in being the best and most advanced bail bond agency in the state of Connecticut. As you can see by our website we take our professionalism and the bail bond industry very seriously.

So if having a reliable bail bond agent that you can count is important to you?

Then Atomic Bail bonds is the bail bond agency to call for all your Connecticut bail bond needs. At Atomic Bail bonds we treat every bail bond like it was a member of our own family. That’s why families that care about each other all choose Atomic Bail Bonds for their Connecticut bail bond needs. Atomic Bail Bonds is the premier bail bond agency in Hartford, Connecticut. But, we proudly service the entire state. Call now so that a bail bond agent can start working on your Connecticut bail bond case. Our professional staff will have your loved one out of jail before you know it. We also offer bail bond payment plans with low down-payments if needed.

Hartford County Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one is arrested, the first thing you’re thinking about is whether they can post bail and get out of jail quickly. Posting bail is one of the first things you need to deal with when someone is arrested. After all, no one wants to be in jail for even a single night,  let alone an entire week or longer.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often because not everyone understands how bail works. In fact, many people are surprised to learn that bail isn’t intended as punishment but rather as a way for the court to ensure that the defendant returns to court on time and obeys other conditions set by their probation officer. Here’s what you need to know about the bail bonds system and how Atomic Bail Bonds can help!

Ask the Court When Bail Will Be Set

Before you can even think about posting bail, you first need to find out when bail will be set. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can plan for as it can vary widely from state to state and even from court to court. For example, some courts only hold quick bail hearings on Friday evenings while others can set a bail hearing on any day of the week. Therefore, you should call the court and ask when the bail hearing will take place.

If you don’t have the name of the court where your loved one was taken, you can call the local police station and ask them. When you call the court, you’ll likely be given a phone number to call.

What Does a Bail Bond Company Do?

When you need a bail bond in Manchester, CT, you’ll be dealing with a bail bond company. This is a private company that charges an upfront fee for the amount of bail that you need to post. A bail bond company posts bail for you and keep the full amount of the bail as collateral until the case is over. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond company keeps the collateral and you lose your money.

The amount of collateral that you need to pay varies based on the charges that your loved one is facing, their criminal history, and the jurisdiction where they were arrested. The bail bond company will require you to pay this collateral in full before they agree to post their portion of the bail. If you can’t afford the bail bond, you can ask a loved one or friend to co-sign on the bail bond.

Find a Licensed Bail Agent in Manchester, CT

One of the first things you need to do when you need a bail bond in Manchester, CT is to find a licensed bail agent. The people of Manchester, CT come to Atomic Bail Bonds because they know they can count on us to have their loved one’s interests at heart.

Once you call, you can ask one of our bail agents for a free consultation. During this consultation, you can discuss the charges your loved one is facing and the amount of bail that’s been set. The bail agent can also help you determine how much you’ll need to pay upfront to post bail.

What Happens When You Post Bail?

Once you’ve posted bail, you or your loved one will be released from jail. However, you still need to go to court on the date set by the judge and follow the conditions they set. These conditions can vary widely. For example, the court might order you to stay within the state during the trial. It might also require you to wear an ankle bracelet to track your location. You might also need to check in with a probation officer once a week. Always follow the conditions of your release.

If you break a condition, the court can revoke your bond or even issue an order for your arrest. This can leave you facing additional criminal charges and lead to even more serious penalties. If you find that you can’t follow the court’s conditions, you can ask the judge to modify them. However, you should always discuss this with a qualified attorney before you go to court.

The Importance of a Good Attorney

When you need a bail bond in Manchester, CT, you’ll want to make sure that you hire a qualified attorney. An experienced attorney can help you navigate your court case and ensure that you don’t have to go back to jail after your court date.

However, before you hire an attorney, make sure that they have a good track record and experience dealing with your type of charges. You also want to make sure that you hire an affordable attorney. You can do this by asking for a free initial consultation and looking for attorneys who offer a payment plan.

Always Speak With a Licensed Bail Agent

As you’ve read above, there are a lot of factors that go into determining how much you need to post for bail and whether a bail bond company will agree to post it for you. This means that you’ll need to speak with a licensed bail agent at Atomic Bail Bonds in Manchester, CT to find out how much you need to pay upfront and how soon you can be released from jail.

Once we have all of the information, you can decide whether the cost of the bail is affordable. If it isn’t, you’ll need to look at your other options. These other options include asking a loved one to co-sign on the bail bond.

That said, it’s never worth staying in jail any longer than you have to. If you need help from friends or family to make bail, go for it! The longer you’re in jail, the worse things will be. Jail can be a very dangerous place which is why you should call Atomic Bail Bonds in Manchester, CT ASAP!

Need a bail bond in Manchester, CT? Call Atomic Bail Bonds and get the ball rolling today!