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Attempted Murder Bail Bond

Attempted Murder Bail Bond

Atomic Bail Bonds agents know that anything can happen at any time of day. Our agents know that accidents can happen. Our agents also understand that there are many different types of people in this world and not all of them think alike. People can make the wrong choice in the heat of the moment. One of those wrong decisions is attempted murder. There could be numerous circumstances that result in an attempted murder charge. No matter the circumstance, Atomic Bail Bonds can help you.

Attempted murder is defined as any attempt to cause physical harm to a victim so severely that it ends close to death. Attempted murder is a very serious charge no matter where you live. This charge is classified as a Class A felony and comes with severe penalties. If found guilty, the defendant could face 60 years to life in prison with no possibility of parole. Just because they didn’t finish the commission of their crime does not mean they receive lesser punishments. Before sentencing, the judge will take all aspects and truthful information into consideration.

Under Connecticut laws, a person can be found guilty of attempted murder if they had the mental state required to commit the offense and they took the step(s) to carry out the offense. In laymen’s terms, you can be found guilty of attempted murder if you were trying to murder another person but were stopped by a police officer or another party.

In an extreme example where you could be charged with attempted murder is say you own a home and someone broke in while you were in there. If you shoot at them with the intention of killing them but hit a display model of a person you thought was the intruder, you can be charged with attempted murder. If the attempted murder was committed along with another felony crime, like bank robbery, the defendant will be charged as if they committed murder.

In Connecticut, attorneys are required to prove the defendant took specific measures towards committing attempted murder. These steps are called substantial steps. These steps can include waiting for, searching for and luring the victim somewhere to commit attempted murder, staking out a location or illegally going into a dwelling or vehicle to attempt murder, have uncommon material on them such as many pills no prescribed to them or a type of poison or recruit another person to aid them in committing the attempted murder. Examples of the above could be there is a verbal altercation with the victim then afterward the defendant goes to the victim’s house and shoots into their home. This could end up with defendant being charged with attempted murder.

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Attorney’s in attempted murder cases usually use one of two defense strategies. They are known as abandonment or self-defense. Abandonment defenses are not easy. Abandonment in an attempted murder case means that the defendant decided not to commit the alleged crime. If the defendant can prove and fully renounce his intentions then he or she may not be charged with the alleged crime. If the attempted murder was not committed but the defendant plans to finish the crime later, the abandonment defense can not be argued. Also, if the victim resisted the defendant and the crime was not committed then the abandonment defense can not be argued either. Self-defense defenses can be argued if there is supporting evidence. Self-defense defenses must show that the defendant was in fear for their life or serious bodily injury or that another person was in jeopardy of serious harm or death, like a child, spouse or family member, when the attempted murder was committed. When arguing a self-defense case, facts must be specific to the crime. If there was no immediate threat to them, self-defense can not be argued. The facts must support the defense.

When your friend or loved one has been arrested for and charged with attempted murder, many questions will be raised by you and your family. We know you will want to talk to your friend or loved one as soon as possible to get those answers. One of those questions should be if a bail or bond amount has been set for them. Not everyone that is charged with attempted murder is eligible for a bail or bond, depending on the seriousness of the entire crime and facts surrounding the case.

In order to help your friend or loved one that has been charged with attempted murder, a reputable lawyer will definitely need to be hired. Do your research and find the best lawyer for your situation. Once your friend or loved one has a lawyer, have them contact you so you will know what is going on. The lawyer is able to speak on the behalf of your friend or loved one. If the circumstances are favorable and the defendant is not a flight risk, your lawyer can speak to the judge to get your friend or loved one released with bail and conditions they must abide by. If the lawyer is successful and your friend or loved can be released on bail or bond, contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661 so we can get them out of jail. Attempted murder bonds tend to be higher than many other bonds. Some things that may affect the amount of the bail or bond are:

  • 1. Past criminal record
  • 2. Employment
  • 3. Connecticut resident
  • 4. Any failure to appear charges
  • 5. Family in the immediate area

If you cannot come up with the entire amount of the bond, collateral or a co-signer will be required. Types of things that can be used as collateral for an attempted murder bail bond are:

  • 1. Property
  • 2. Vehicles (car, boat, snowmobile, RV’s, tractor, truck, aircraft)
  • 3. Valuables (jewelry, antiques, art, stones, watches, electronics or precious metal)
  • 4. Credit card (limit must be more than bail amount)
  • 5. Irrevocable letter of credit from your bank
  • 6. Cash (for lower bond amounts)
  • 7. Stocks and Bonds (investment value must be more than bail amount)

When you are ready to bond your friend or loved one out jail, contact Atomic Bail Bonds. Make sure you either have enough money to cover the amount of the bond, secure a type of collateral if you don’t have the full amount or find a reliable and trustworthy co-signer. Our agents will help you through this process and make sure everything is in order to get your friend or loved one released from jail. Atomic Bail Bonds will be there for you to help get your family back together.

Call us now at (860) 982-4661 and we will get your friend or loved one home.