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Connecticut Judge Refuses to Lower Bail After Many Years

A judge in the state of Connecticut kept one man’s bail at a whopping $675,000. The bail was for a man charged in connection with a 1984 kidnapping and sexual assault after police say that a DNA database linked him to the crimes. He may want to contact Atomic Bail Bonds in Connecticut because he is going to need help.

George Legere, 73, who was living in Springfield, Massachusetts, was arraigned in Hartford Superior Court. He did not enter a plea. His next court date is set for June 25th, 2021.

Legere is charged with three counts of first-degree kidnapping in the abduction and sexual assault of a woman found in a vehicle slumped over the steering wheel with the horn blaring at around 4 AM on April 13th, 1984. The good news is that the woman survived the attack.

Legere’s public defender called the allegations “somewhat dated” and said Legere could never post such a high bond because his only income is Social Security disability payments.

Springfield, Massacusetts police arrested Legere on May 19th of this year based on the 1984 allegations. Avon police served an arrest warrant on him at a Springfield jail and brought him to Connecticut, authorities said.

Police in Avon said DNA was collected from the 1984 crime, but the state crime lab was not able to identify a suspect at the time. The DNA information was entered into a national database.

Police said they were recently notified by the crime lab that a match came up between the DNA evidence and Legere’s DNA. Authorities said Legere had a DNA sample taken from him when he was released from a prison sentence in Massachusetts.

Legere has a criminal record that includes arrests and convictions in 31 separate cases, including convictions for sexual assault and kidnapping, Avon police said.

A bail commissioner said in court Friday that Legere’s record also includes a 2019 assault with a firearm conviction in Massachusetts, a 1974 kidnapping conviction in Connecticut and a 1968 negligent homicide conviction in Connecticut.

It is an interesting story when the police and investigators can tie together crimes from so many years ago. Mr. Legere has not contacted Atomic Bail Bonds, but if he did, he would see that we are a top of the line professional service. We want those to know, not to jump bail, but we will not violate the law to apprehend you.

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