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Cyber Crimes Bail Bond

Cyber Crimes Bail Bond

Atomic Bail Bonds can cover many different types of bonds with various amounts. Since we are in the modern age of technology, people can get creative with being online now. Computer criminals can now cause a lot of havoc on people’s lives. There is medical identity theft, credit card theft, financial theft from your bank account, phishing, and identity theft. Any of these crimes can bring a lot of aggravation to anyone’s life. If you have been arrested for one of these crimes, contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. We can help you get out of jail on any bail bond amount.

Cyber-crimes are committed by people as a way of stealing money, classified information or to get revenge on another person. There are a lot of people that have been trained to hack into computer systems, simple and advanced ones. People have been known to hack into a variety of sites like bank accounts, health profiles from your doctor’s office and mostly social media sites. This is illegal. People are entitled to privacy and when you hack their personal information, that is a violation of their privacy. If you have been a victim of a cyber-crime, contact your local police and report it. If they do not know about it, they cannot stop it. Cyber-crime defendants of all kinds should be held accountable for their illegal activity, no matter what. If you have been arrested for a type of cyber-crime, you will face some type of punishment. Depending on the severity of the crime, your punishment could range from fines to long prison sentences or both! There are numerous types of cyber crimes you can get in trouble for. There is cyberstalking, cyberbullying, phishing, and identity theft, to name a few.

Cyberstalking is when a defendant harasses or threatens the victim through e-mail, social media sites, instant messaging, text messaging or any other type of online contact. If the intentions end up being malicious and vicious, a warrant would be issued for the defendant after the victim reports the crime. The defendant will then be charged with the cyber-crime because this type of charge is not tolerated. It does not matter who the defendant and victim are and what their relationship is. No one should be cyberstalked! If you have been charged with cyberstalking, contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661 so we can help you get out of jail. Our agents believe in second chances and have faith that you will learn your lesson the first time.

Cyberbullying is a cyber-crime that anyone can experience. Cyberbullying is when the defendant harasses the victim like they would want to in person. The only difference is they do it by using computers, mobile devices, tablets, iPad, and other electronic devices. The defendant could e-mail or text the victim to harass them. They could also use social media websites to harass and bully the victim. They will share embarrassing private pictures to try to hurt you. This usually happens with an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend or even an ex- spouse. This is done to cause hurt to the victim and is not right. Police should be contacted because no one should be forced to live like that. If you have been charged with cyberbullying,contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. We will help you post your bond, no matter what the amount is.

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Phishing is a crime that steals your information. The information most stolen are addresses, phone numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers or anything else that has your personal information on it. Identity thieves use accounts made by them but using a familiar name to you. This happens a lot on Facebook. Accounts of your friends or relatives get copied and used to steal your information. That is not your friend on the other side messaging you.

Always contact the person messaging you to verify that it is them online. If it is not, delete that fake person. These criminals are doing this to gain access to your private, confidential information. They can even shut down your computer so you cannot access it anymore. Senior citizens tend to be the target since they are advanced in age and some do not question e-mails they receive. It can happen to anyone. This is commonly done to gain financial access to your money so they can buy items for themselves without paying for it using their own money. When you notice things purchased on your statements that you did not make, contact your financial institution immediately. If you have been arrested for phishing and have a bail bond, contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. We can help you get out of jail and back to your family.

Identity theft is a major crime that is happening everywhere. Yes, some people do have the same names, but only one person has your social security number. That is YOU! When someone steals your social security number or banking information and uses it without your permission. Notify your bank to let them know someone else used your financial information. When someone takes your personal information to obtain your financial information, it is against the law. Police should be notified, especially if it is a considerable sum of money that is missing. We all know that no one is perfect but identity theft is against the law. It can be malicious and end up costing the victim money to restore their identity. If you have been arrested for identity theft, contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. Our agents are standing by to assist you with any questions you may have and to help you get out of jail.

Cyber crimes can end up being one of the more expensive crimes to deal with, not only for the defendant, but also for the victim. The defendant will usually end up paying fines due to the crime, fees for court and reimbursing the victim, if ordered by the judge. The defendant will then, most likely, not be able to use any type of electronic device for a specified timeframe. The stipulations of bail will be set by the judge. If you have been charged with any cyber-crime, the judge will set your bail bond amount. The judge will consider if you are a flight risk, a danger to yourself and society, if you have ties to the local area and more. We here at Atomic Bail Bonds understand the excitement you may have felt when you were on top of the world, living off the financial gains you got illegally. Unfortunately for you, you got caught and need a bondsperson. Atomic Bail Bonds is here for you. Contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661 and let us start the process to get you back home. No one wants to sit in jail, so contact us as soon as possible. Our agents are ready to get you back home. We hope that this is a crime that you will not commit more than once.

Think like one of your victims. Would you want this crime done to you?

What about your parents? Your spouse? What about your children?

We hope you learn that this should not be a repetitive crime.