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Five Tips When Selecting a Bail Bond Company For the First Time

So, it finally happened. Someone you love and care about has been arrested. You have been given the task of getting them bail to keep them from sitting in jail. Most people who are arrested are given a bond amount that must be paid to get the person released before the trial. This is pretty much exactly how it goes no matter what state you reside in.

The problem is that the bond might be expensive, and you don’t have the required cash available. To get the money you need (basically, fronted to you), you will have to contact a bail bonds company like Atomic Bail Bonds in Connecticut.

Before you decide to post the bond amount, you should have enough knowledge about different bond companies to choose wisely.  These seven tips should help you understand the differences and processes involved.


1 – Bail Amount

In some situations, it is might be smarter to not to release the person jailed until after the arraignment hearing. This is because a good lawyer can make an effort to convince the judge into lowering the fee of the bail amount. If the judge decides to release the person on their own recognizance, then you will not need to post any bail costs.

When the judge does set an amount, often the court will provide a list of bail bonds companies it recommends. Like attorney-referred companies, these are reputable and work with the court all the time.


2 – Attorney-Referred Bonds

When companies work with defense attorneys, they get a reputation for quality work. Give a good look for the bond companies that are referred by your defense attorney hired.  The price can be reduced to 8%, and you will save some money.

A criminal defense attorney is necessary for your trial, so why not hire one before posting the bail?  You can be assured that you will get a reputable firm and not a fly-by-night company interested in getting your money.


3 – Fees

If you use the services of a bail bonds company, you will be charged about 10% for workers to post the bail. This means that you will make a small payment, but you won’t have to pay a large sum right there on the spot.

Your loved one can leave the jail upon the small payment issued. Look for companies that offer you the best deal. Do the research. Some will have better offers than others in an effort to capture your business.


4 – Avoid Cheap Bonds

You may see companies with inexpensive fee structures. You may believe that this deal is the best option for you. Some companies might offer a 5% or even lower bail fee. But buyer beware!

These companies are likely not to have the experience that a company, such as Atomic Bail Bonds has. They also might not have a good reputation either. They could be deceiving clients through false advertising. They might even be breaking the law. Avoid them!


5 – Look at Reviews

Before picking a bail bonds company, look up and read reviews about the different companies online. You can find reviews about local bond companies on Google and Yelp by doing a search and reading what others say. These are the best recommendations because they come from people who are in the same situation. You really can’t do any better than what they say from their first-hand experience.

If you keep the five tips mentioned above in mind, you will be able to choose the right company, like an Atomic Bail Bonds for you and your situation.

If you are in need of a local bail bond company in any and all of Connecticut, that is going to answer their phone, represent you, get you out of jail, and walk you through the whole way in this stressful situation, then you want to contact Atomic Bail Bonds right now. There is no reason to wait any longer. You want to get out of jail. You need to get out of jail. There is a company that is on your side and ready to get you released ASAP.