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Getting Out of Jail With Atomic Bail Bonds of Connecticut

Unfortunately, the worst things can happen. And many times they do just that. Sometimes that means the law gets broken. If you have been arrested as a result of a law being broken, then it is important for you to know how to get out of jail once you have been placed inside.

The key is that you obviously want to do this as quickly as possible. This is why if you live in and have been arrested in Connecticut, you have to call ATOMIC BAIL BONDS immediately so that the process can begin on getting released. Bail bond agents are standing by to take your call, and you can call now at 860.982.4661.

Atomic Bail Bonds is located in Middletown. But Atomic Bail Bonds services all cities, towns, and counties in the whole state of Connecticut. You can also call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


So what are the steps to the process to getting out?


1 – You Must Contact Us

Make the call to Atomic Bail Bond @ 1.860.982.4661


2 – The Amount of Your Bail Gets Assigned

Your bail amount gets set by a judge after the hearing of arraignment in court.


3 – It is Now Time to Consult With a Bond Agent

An agent is there to talk with. Have a discussion. Your bail agent will help formulate a plan to get you out ASAP. This can happen even as soon as the day of your arrest.

4 – Filling Out All of the Paperwork

At this point, the paperwork is exchanged and signed. Sometimes a co-signer is necessary. Once all of the paperwork is completed a bail bond can be issued.


5 – Now You Get to Go Home

You are now free and being released. This is what the whole process was for.


6 – Stay in Touch With Your Bond Agent

You have to follow up with your bail bond agent. It is important to know about future court dates and any payments that still need to be made.


8 – Pay Attention to Any and All Court Dates

When your court date arrives, you need to be present each and every time. This is a no-exceptions situation!


So here is the great news! Atomic Bail Bonds of Connecticut covers ALL BOND SIZES! We believe that every bond is important regardless of size and we will respond to any bond and start at a 10% down payment which is the lowest amount in the state. Since we cover the whole state, we work with all of the courts in the state of Connecticut.

Some of the Connecticut courts we have worked with include courts from Andover to Ansonia, Ashford to Avon, Bethel to Bolton, Bristol to Brooklyn, Columbia to Coventry, and more.

No matter if the defendant is in a station in Stamford to as far as Windsor, we are always there the fastest and the most efficient. Simply explain your predicament to one of our agents and they will be dispatched to your person’s court, police department, or jail.

So remember to contact ATOMIC BAIL BONDS in Connecticut for any bail bond needs. We are located at 90 Court Street #202 in Middletown, CT 06457. The 24/7 phone number is 1.860.982.4661