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How to Arrange for Bail After Being Slammed with a Drug Charge

Drug charges can be extremely serious and things can get even worse if you don’t post bail. Getting hit with a drug charge can be a terrifying experience. All of the fear and anxiety can make it difficult to make good decisions. These tips can help you arrange for a bail bond and how to handle bail when you have been charged with a drug crime. 

Understanding Your Charge

First and foremost, it’s important for you to understand as much about what you’ve been charged with as possible. While some charges for drug-related can come with some pretty steep consequences, other charges sound worse than they really are. 

The more you know about what you’re being charged with, the easier it will be for you and your attorney to prepare a solid defense. For example, if you were charged for having marijuana in your possession, you might be able to wiggle your way out of it by proving that the substance was intended for medicinal use. 

Connecticut has certain conditions that need to be met in order for someone to qualify as a medical marijuana patient. When faced with drug-related charges for possession of more than 1.5 ounces of marijuana, you can improve your circumstances significantly by showing proof of registration with the state of Connecticut. All you need is to see a physician and get their recommendation. To make such arrangements, you’ll need to post bail to get everything in order. 

Keep in mind, 1.5 ounces of marijuana is legal to have for recreational use for adults that are at least 21 years old as of 2021. That said if you’re under the age of 21, it is still illegal to possess recreational marijuana in Connecticut. 

While getting registered as a medical marijuana patient is relatively easy in some cases, the law in Connecticut is much less forgiving for charges related to the possession or distribution of cocaine, LSD, PCP, psilocybin, heroin, etc. 

What to Do First

When you’re sitting in jail or the police station awaiting trial, the best thing you can do for yourself is to post bail and start preparing a legal defense. Languishing in a cell is depressing, uncomfortable, and potentially hazardous to your health.

The first thing you need to do after your arrest is to start making arrangements and getting in touch with the team at Atomic Bail Bonds. The sooner you get in touch with a bail bond service, the sooner you can ditch your cell for more comfortable accommodations until your court date.     

How Bail Bonds for Drug-Related Crimes Work

Many people don’t know much about how bail bonds work until they’ve already been arrested. This can lead to a great deal of unnecessary confusion. The availability of bail bonds that you can qualify for is dependent upon the nature of your criminal charges. 

Your ability to qualify for a bail bond will be dependent on the court’s perception of risk. For example, if the court believes that you will just run away if given the chance, you will have more difficulty obtaining a bail bond. On the other hand, when the risk of fleeing from the authorities is considered to be reasonably low, you will have better options when seeking a bail bond.  

In setting the price for bail, several factors are taken into consideration. Prior convictions will be held against you by the court when setting the price of bail. Previous crimes and convictions are also taken under serious consideration by the court when setting the price of bail. The preceding factors have a significant impact on how costly it will be to post bail. 

Other factors that will be taken into account include whether you merely had drugs in your possession or whether you had the intent to sell them which would constitute a more serious charge. Being arrested with drugs and a firearm in your possession simultaneously can lead to more serious charges yet. Regardless of how serious your drug-related charge is, it’s important to get in touch with a bail bond agent as soon as possible. 

What You’ll Need to Get a Bail Bond 

In order to successfully acquire a bail bond, you will need to get in touch with a reliable bail bond service like Atomic Bail Bonds. When contacting a bail bond service, it’s helpful to have certain information on hand. For example, you will need to disclose your name, address, vehicle information, and proof of income. 

In most cases, you will also need to provide a valid driver’s license along with contact information for your employer. A bail bond comes with a non-refundable fee of 10% of the whole amount listed for bail by the court. You will also need to provide collateral for the bond as a precaution in the event that you miss your court date or flee before your trial. 

Reputable bail bond services like atomic Bail Bonds accept payment by check, credit card, or money order. If you cannot afford the fee, you can arrange for a co-signor to make up the difference. 

Facing Charges for Drug-Related Crimes? Atomic Bail Bonds Can Help!

Being sequestered in a cell is scary and confusing, fortunately, you can count on our team to have your back. While the long arm of the law reaches very far indeed, Atomic Bail Bonds features an impressively wide service area. 

We’re the closest thing you’ve got to a get out of jail free card. From Stamford to Windsor, we’re proud to help people from across the state of Connecticut to obtain bail bonds without passing judgment. You can depend on us to be courteous, respectful, and efficient at all times.  

No matter what side of the fence you fall on in the bail bond argument, for now, if you need a local bail bond company in any and all of Connecticut, that is going to answer their phone, represent you, get you out of jail, and walk you through the whole way in this stressful situation, then you want to contact Atomic Bail Bonds right now. 

There is no reason to wait any longer. You want to get out of jail. You need to get out of jail. There is a company that is on your side and ready to get you released ASAP.