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Juvenile Bail Bonds

Juvenile Bail Bonds

In the state of Connecticut, a juvenile is defined as anyone person that is under the age of eighteen (18) years old, male or female. When juveniles get arrested and charged with a crime, the entire process is a little bit different than if you were an adult that was arrested and charged with a crime. In some cases, juveniles will be sent to jail or detention centers for youth. Some will be released to the custody of their parents. Some will have to pay fees and fines. Others will be released on their own recognizance. Some juveniles will have a bail bond granted by the judge. If this is the case for you, a friend, or a loved one, contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. We can help you through the process of bonding out of jail no matter what the crime was. We do not judge you because you made a wrong choice.

Juveniles that commit some kind of crime and get arrested for it, have one thing on their side. The court system gives them the benefit of the doubt due to their age. Adults know that juveniles do not have a full understanding of the reactions that come with inappropriate actions. Plus, juveniles do not fully understand the law. They always think that nothing can happen to them so they assume they can do what they want. This is not the case. No matter what age you are, you cannot commit illegal acts. There are repercussions for those actions. Usually, it only takes one time in jail for a juvenile to learn their lesson. For others, it may take a few. No matter how many times it takes, Atomic Bail Bonds will be here for you. Just call us at (860) 982-4661. and we will get your juvenile friend or family member back home to you.

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Depending on the age of the juvenile and the crime they committed, a probation officer or counselor could be the one to review the charge or charges. If the juvenile in question has been accused of a minor crime that did not result in any property damage then they may be eligible for a non-judicial handling. Instead of going to a court hearing, your child will have to meet with a probation officer to work out a fair punishment for the crime they committed. Cases handled this way do not count as convictions, although some government officials will be able to tell that your child has been involved with the court system. For more serious crimes, the juvenile will be asked to appear in juvenile court. If they are found guilty and convicted by the judge, they may serve time in a juvenile detention center or attend mandatory counseling. The final sentencing is determined by the judge that was appointed to the case.

After arresting a juvenile offender, the police may fingerprint the juvenile and take their mugshots. This is not always necessary though. In most cases, the accused juvenile will get a summons before being released into the custody of their parents or legal guardians. In some cases, if they are facing more serious charges, they may be tried as an adult. If this is your case, you may need a bail bond to secure their release. Contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. so we can help you get your child home quickly.

If you, a friend or a loved one is or has a juvenile that has been arrested, they will go through the court system to be processed for the crime they committed. They will go before a judge in juvenile court. The judge will be experienced in dealing with juveniles and familiar with crimes that they commit. They will not have a jury trial since their peers would all have to be under the age of eighteen (18) years old. Anyone under the age of eighteen (18) years old cannot legally make decisions because they are not considered as adults in the eyes of the law.

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A few things that will work in the favor of the juvenile in question is that their arrest record will be sealed since they are a juvenile. Also, that record could also end up being expunged once they turn eighteen (18) years old. If this is the first time your juvenile has been arrested, the court may show them some type of leniency at their court appearance. Sometimes, this is not the case and your juvenile will be remanded to the jail. A judge may or may not agree to release your juvenile on a bail bond. If they do, contact Atomic Bail Bonds immediately and we can help you get your loved one back home. Only the parent or legal guardian of the juvenile can post their bail bond. If neither are present then the juvenile will stay in jail until their scheduled court appearance. If your juvenile gets released due to a bail bond, there will be stipulations for them to follow. If drugs were involved with their arrest, they will have to possibly do random drug screens ordered by the court system or the probation officer. If violence was involved in the crime, they may be ordered to take anger management classes to teach them skills to control their levels of anger. If damage was done to someone else’s property during the crime they were arrested for, your juvenile may have to do community service or pay for the damages that they caused. So, in total, your juvenile will face a punishment of either jail time, random drug screens, classes to teach coping skills, community service, probation and restitution to the owner of the property they damaged. We know juveniles do not really think of the consequences associated with their actions when they are young. We can only hope that they learn their lesson after making only one incorrect choice.

Juveniles nowadays think that life is so awful and that they have no freedom. They will really have no freedom if they go down the wrong path. Being locked up behind bars will show them that they did not really have a bad life after all. If your friend or loved one has a juvenile that is in trouble and has been granted a bail, contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. We will help you get your juvenile back home to you so they can start fresh and go down the right path. Our agents do not like dealing with juveniles because they should never be making the wrong decisions that they are making. We do not judge though.

Call us now at (860) 982-4661 and we will get your friend or loved one home.