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Types of Bonds We Write

Types of Bonds We Write and the Process of Posting a Bond

We here at Atomic Bail Bonds understand that things happen to everyone. No one is exempt from trials and tribulations in this life. We all dread getting that phone call in the middle of the night from a friend or loved one saying they need your help. They have been arrested. They made a stupid mistake. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are innocent. No matter what the narrative is, they need your help to get out of jail. You probably are confused at first because you were in a deep sleep. It’s ok. It is time for you to contact a bail bond agency so your friend or loved one can come back home. Look no further than Atomic Bail Bonds. Our agents are going to help you through this. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. No matter what day or time it is, our agents are here for you and ready to help you. Contact us today at (860) 982-4661 so we can start the process of getting your friend or loved one back home to you.

There are many things a person can get arrested for. We know that sometimes a person is truly innocent and others end up being found guilty. No matter the case, Atomic Bail Bond agents are here to help you, with no judgment. Some of the charges that we can cover a bond for your friend or loved one and you are:Assault, Attempted Murder, Computer Crimes, Disorderly Conduct, Domestic Violence, Drug Related Crimes, DUI, Felony, Failure to Appear, Grand Theft Auto, Identity Theft, Immigration, Juvenile, Larceny, Marijuana, Murder, Parole Violations, Possession Charges, Probation Violations, Sex Crimes Theft, Weapons Charges, Weapons Violations, White Collar Crimes.

Bail Bonds Connecticut

We can cover the bail bonds that your friend or loved one is currently facing. We care about what happens to them almost as much as you do. No one wants to sit in jail or be at a police station for hours or even days. Contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661 so we can get your friend or loved one back home. Our agents are standing by and available to help you no matter what time it is or what day it is. We have locations statewide so our agents can get to you quickly and assist you. Your friend or loved one can be back home with just a 10% payment of the total bail payment. They must show up to their scheduled court appearance or they will end up back in jail. No one wants that. We will need some information from you to assist you properly. We will need the following information: person’s name, their birthdate, possibly their social security number, their address if you know it, which jail they are in, what they have been charged with, their booking number, who arrested them, how much their bail has been set at.

If you are unable to get all this information, don’t panic. Atomic Bail Bonds agents will help you through this process with no added stress. There are a few different types of bonds that we can write for you to get your friend or loved one out of jail. These bonds are surety bonds, non-surety bonds and recently restricted bonds. Surety bonds are a common type of bond. This will require a minimum down payment of 10% of the bail amount that was set either by the arresting agency or a judge. Atomic Bail Bonds will cover the remaining balance with the agreement that the person arrested will go to all scheduled court appearances until the case is closed. If the arrested individual fails to go to any court appearances, the bail bond will be forfeited, a warrant will be issued for their arrest and you will be financially responsible for the amount of bail Atomic Bail Bonds covered for them. A non-surety bond is a bond that allows a person to be released without having to pay any amount of money in order to be released. However, if they fail to show up for their court appearance, they will have a warrant out for their arrest and end up paying fines and fees. A recently restricted bond is also known as a cash only bond. This type of bond can be the costliest, depending on the charges. The individual arrested is responsible for the entire cost of their bond before they can be released from the police station or the jail. No matter what type of bond you need and no matter who it is for, Atomic Bail Bonds is here for you. Contact us now at (860) 982-4661 and let us help you get your friend or loved one out of jail. We accept cash and credit card payments. If you are unable to make the full payment, our agents will work out a payment plan for you. We will make this process easy for you.

If you can’t afford to bail yourself out, then you should contact your family members first. Generally, parents are the first people asked for help. They have been there for us since birth and will usually be there for us until their last breath. They will most likely be upset with you at first but it will subside shortly. No one wants to disappoint their parents, no matter what age we are, so make sure all court appearances are attended. You don’t want your parents losing any money that they don’t have. If your parents are unable to help, ask any other trusted family member. Maybe between a few relatives, they can come up with the money to get you out of jail.

If no one in your family can help you out, you will then need to find one of your trustworthy friends that believes in you. This friend will need to be reliable and your friendship should be solid and long term. When money gets involved in any relationship, that relationship can be strained. Money does that to everyone. To ensure that your friend will help, make payment arrangements with them to get their money back to them as soon as possible. This will look good on your behalf and your relationship with your friend will remain intact.

If you have found someone that will get you out of jail but they don’t have enough money to cover it,
contact Atomic Bail Bonds at (860) 982-4661. Our agents will become your extended family and help you out in this difficult time. We can provide the necessary amount of money needed to get your friend or loved one out of jail. Atomic Bail Bonds agents are reliable, dependable and trustworthy. We will post your bond quickly so you can be back home with your family.